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APS Wohnbau GmbH, Verdistr 127
81247 Munich
Tel: 0152 06186016

Our Services

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Our services are provided in several phases. We start out with the joint planning. This includes discussion of the construction project information, the overall procedure and the ways to satisfy your wishes. We continue with the financing. It is our job to support you in getting the loans and construction funding adjusted to your needs. We achieve this goal together, in cooperation with the regional banks.After that, we are getting down to business: everything gets documented in the Purchase Contract. That includes things like the scope of works, payment conditions, agreed completion date and so on. Then, the construction hand-over phase follows. This includes the construction supervision, provision of information on the construction progress, and last but not least, your house completed and ready to use on the agreed date.

We will help you get your dream house in an organized and structured way!

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APS Wohnbau GmbH

Radlkoferstr. 2
81373 Munich

Telefon: 01520 6186016 01520 6186016